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A website is the true reflection of your business. Believe it or not, it impacts how your specific audience will perceive your brand. Let the expert team of designers at Creative Minds create the most stunning website that is a perfect blend of creativity and strategy for your unique business.

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Every business has its specific set of goals and target audience. In that context, we have different and suitable plans to meet an array of requirements of our clients. Whether you are a start-up or an enterprise, our Website Designing services are perfect to match your requirement.

Business Website Designing

Creative Minds believes that every business is unique, and so should be their website. Let us craft a business Website Design that is the real extension of your business to make a compelling impression on potential customers. From color choices, design elements to graphics, we make sure everything is rightly in sync to put across the right message to our end-customers or target audience.

eCommerce Website Designing

eCommerce is here to stay, but your business must make a solid impression on the mind of customers and capture the market. A website with the right design, smooth UI, catchy theme, attractive elements and robust platform is all you need to stay on top. We have the expertise and experience to design eCommerce website that’s just the perfect fit for your business.

Start-up Website Designing

Stepping into the market with the all-new concept is challenging. Don’t let yourself get lost in the crowd with a site that looks just ordinarily mediocre. A start-up always needs to get itself heard and understood, and we make all the alteration to make your presence a worth. With our expertise, we’ll craft a website that definitely builds a lasting impression.


Re-designing the website could actually give a great boost to any business with respect to profitability and reach when it is done the right way. Trust Creative Minds with the level of knowledge and expertise that is essential to understand a brand and re-designing a website and that’s the rightful reflection of your business.

Our process of Web Designing

Understanding Requirement

An insightful understanding of the client’s requirement is the groundwork of crafting a web design that serves the purpose right. Our expert team devotes time in understanding more about your requirement, at the very beginning of the process.


Thereafter comes the phase of outlining the project based on the inputs received from clients, results to be achieved, existing competition in market and target audience.


Creating a wireframe is a vital part of Website Designing process, and it can’t be overlooked at any point in time. Our creative department at Creative Minds works in sync with a client to prepare a wireframe that will be enviably perfect for your business.

Initial Concept

Once the wireframe is achieved, it is given a structure of a real design. The initial ideation is to get a predictable picture of how the final design would give the impression.

Asking for Client
Review and Feedback

When our team is done with initial ideation and concept designing, we share the creation with the client seeking their feedback and review. If there are a few changes suggested by our client then we move on to implementation of the same

Testing and

The final design undergoes numerous testing procedures to ensure there’s no errors or flaw and it delivers a splendid user-interaction experience. And then after the testing process, the design is rolled-out.

1 Year
Free Maintenance

Our service and assistance don’t end at the delivery of Website. The creative team provides you 15 days of free maintenance so that if any issue arises in the website, expert designer at Creative Minds ensures the issue is resolved on an immediate basis, and the experience delivered to your audience is smooth.

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