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Creative Minds is the leading mobile application development company in Mumbai. Our belief says that mobile apps are very much of habit-forming products. They can potentially be utilized by companies for a variety of initiatives.

The Mobile application is one of the best latest methods for you to sell your products/services to your end-customers. Or, you can also use it to streamline and ease your company’s processes.

So why choose us?

Let’s put it in simple words – ‘We empathize our clients and hence we craft mobile apps with souls’ We offer a whole lifecycle of mobile application designing, integration and management services. Whether it is a consumer-oriented app or a transformative enterprise-class solution, the company leads the entire mobile app development process from ideation and concept delivery, and to ongoing support. Our proficient developers build high-end mobile applications that will definitely exceed your expectations.

In addition to it, we have

A tremendous skilled team of professional experts dedicated to mobile application development

Vast years of hands-on experience

Successful delivery of numerous Android & iOS apps

And, much more that will surely exceed your expectations

We have mastered the use of the mobile phone’s software and hardware attributes. We use it to craft feature-rich and next-gen facets in your mobile app. These elements include a motion sensor, GPS location, camera, microphone, notifications, fingerprint, in-app billing, etc. Our apps have been featured numerous times in various App stores. They have also received appreciation and high esteem from industry leaders.

Services we offer in
Mobile App Development

Mobile App Consultation

Let us help you draft the action plan to bring your unique app idea to life and assist you to make the lives of your customers hassle-free and easier. Through our Mobile App Consultation service, you’ll get proper insights about what are the best-suitable approaches that can be used to bring life to your app idea.

Android App Development

The number of audiences who own Android devices is increasing year over year. You certainly want to offer your unique solution to this wide user base! We develop Android apps for various devices using various programming languages like Java and Kotlin also Google’s own development tools and guidelines.

iOS App Development

Did you know that Apple users show higher brand loyalty than Android users? An iOS app will certainly pay off! We do iOS mobile application development right from scratch and can also port your current Android application to iOS. We use Objective-C and Swift to build our top-rated iOS apps.

Wearable Development

IoT is on the upswing and so are wearable devices. With better devices and newer technological advancements, people are widely choosing and opting for wearable devices such as Smart Watches in addition to their Smart Phones. Featuring on these smart devices would help you build a personalised level of connection with your end-customers.

Progressive Web Apps

PWA or Progressive Web Apps has become a new practice of mobile app development. It requires less area, minimal usage of internet connectivity and its platform-independence. It is also considered as a good beginning point to construct your brand presence on mobile devices.

Mobile App Development Process

Customer Interview

It is the most primary yet very crucial step of our process. This step significantly helps us understand the goal and the vision of the client that they are trying to achieve from their app. And if there is a state wherein the client isn’t very clear about their idea then we consult the client and assist them to gain more clarity on their project for better execution.

Scope Analysis

Once the idea behind building the app has been discovered and conveyed properly, we identify our most skilled team members who would be just perfect working with you on your project. In this stage, we also curate the crucial documentation that will help us better in developing your app. All these curated documentation ensures that everyone is on the same wavelength with regard to the progress of the project. We also define a timeline and the milestones for the project in it.

UX & Wireframes

The wireframes and designs for each app screen are well-created along with the flow of the app. This is further shared with the client for approval and feedback. This step also helps in defining the entire user experience.


Based on the client’s input, preferences, or brand guidelines (if they have any), we start developing the various other elements for the feature-rich user interface. We devise the deliverables in a way that it would be appealing to your end-users. We’re considered as the leading Mobile App Development Company in Mumbai in respect to UI & UX designing. Our UI designs are intuitive and ease-of-use. We empathize with the target audience while designing the UI of the Mobile App.


During this phase, the expert development team begins to code the app. We at Creative Minds uses an agile methodology for the execution of the project. Herein the project is implemented in various sprints, each having a well-defined objective. At the end of each sprint, the regular progress is presented to the client.

Optimization & Polishing

All the developed units are polished and well optimized to ensure consistency. Moreover, the mobile app is also optimized so that it can function appropriately on distinct versions of the mobile operating systems.


The modules are individually tested for bug fixes and loopholes. We have well-defined in-house quality assurance standards for producing the best mobile app development.

Once those satisfactory standards are met, the app is shared ahead with the client for the final approval and validation.

Product Launch

Once the mobile app is approved and validated by the client, we process ahead for its deployment on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

We ensure that the app is compliant with the protocols presented by the respective app stores. And lastly, the app is launched.

Maintenance & Support

Once the mobile app is successfully launched, we step into the maintenance & support phase. During this entire phase, we ensure that the mobile app operates efficiently and effectively in the latest versions of the operating systems.

We also undertake the task of fixing bugs and errors in the app and making minor changes in the app as per the client’s preferences and requirements.

What makes us the Leading
Mobile App Development Company?


We are keen on building relations rather than pushing for a sales. We offer insightful consultation to our prospects and provide them with all the right technical advices.

Experienced App Development Team

Our team of mobile app developers has a great hands-on experience of 4.2 years. Not they are just domain experts, but also they are masters in understanding your expectations for the app.


The client is always updated about the app development process and the progress at regular intervals. We also conduct frequent personal meetings and call sessions to ensure we are well in sync with their requirements and to ensure the entire app development is on the right track.


A dedicated team will be assigned to your project which will always be there to help you and assist you with queries that you discover or any issues that you came across with the app.

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