eBusiness Solution is a feature-packed eCommerce software solution that delivers a flawless shopping experience. Leveraging a superfluity of functionalities like seller and admin extent management, readymade eTrade delivery app, along with system-level features like push notifications & email/ text notifications, schedule distribution time, and order reassignment, generate sales/expense report, track deliveries, secured payment methods, and much more with user-friendly operation.

Herein eBusiness Solution Mobile App is “Reinventing the Users Shopping Style”. With an intense concentration on security and comfort, it crafts an online eCommerce marketplace that is easy to operate and uncomplicated to navigate. That’s what empowers eBusiness Solution to build a resourceful & proficient marketplace for the online eCommerce business and one can successfully step-in the $100 Billion Industry!

Effortless On-boarding Experience



Easy to Setup & Manage



Totally Customizable



Available on Android & iOS



12 Months Free Support



Demonstration Availability



Easy & Low-cost Installation



App-Name Personalization

***According to our study, around $100 Billion will probably be spent on online eCommerce industry by the year 2025***

Defining the eBusiness Solution

Simple design with
easy navigation

The design is simple with ease of navigation to help end-customers speedily place orders without much knowledge about the app (Name) and can easily operate. We have designed the process of exploring several items, adding them to cart, making their order list and billing for them to be completed in just a few taps, in minimum screens sliding. This holds customers to be consistent and doesn’t allow them to lose their interest while switching from one screen to another and so on.

Appealing and persuasive
user interface

Besides what you offer through our app, its (UI) user interface is what adds to its victory. The UI must be in-built, influential and appealing. We treat the UI in a way so that everything stays a few taps away, without interrupting the continuity in purchase. Buyers / Users can check all added items in cart without exiting the screen where other products are listed. They also need not require to make a shopping list all again every month as the app can provide an editable list from prior orders.

Quick browsing just in
a few taps

Our eBusiness mobile app is developed and dedicated on delivering a quick browsing experience so that users can access and operate the app even in the slower data networks. Also, we have placed other related elements just one or two taps away so that users don't experience confusion and easily know from where they actually began.

Immediate confirmation
of orders

Customers feel good when they are instantaneously notified for their order placement, order tracking, successful payment and update on delivery time. We have effectively designed a system that can perform things in real-time and deliver a happy purchase experience to the users.

Easy search and
easier check-outs

The UI and UX of the app is designed in a way that every element remains simple and does respond in real-time. We do provide rapid search / filter solutions and checkouts so that buyers can spend their time more on shopping, and not on finding what they want. On-demand we can integrate the wallet system and various other modes of online payment methods along with cash on delivery payment approach.

Anywhere, anytime
shopping ease

We have built a robust mobile application with well-developed front-end and back-end so that customers get flawless online shopping experience anytime, anywhere.

Understanding of the App Authorities

  • User Profile
  • Browse Product
  • Search Product
  • Create Wish-List
  • Schedule Delivery
  • Order Tracking
  • Order History
  • Multiple Payment
  • Options
  • Feedback & setting
  • Social Share
  • Invite Friend
  • In-Cart Auto Calculation

Insights of CONSUMMATE
Safety Features (COVID-19)

Contactless Delivery

Allow the Core of your custom-made product delivery business to function impeccably while promising both buyers and delivery employees of their safety. A Buyer can connect the delivery person and request him to drop the ordered product at the doorstep

Delivery Schedule

Customers can use scheduling feature excellently as per their availability. Buyers can plan their delivery as per their convenient time slots.

Online Payment

For the safety of the customer our app is well integrated with Multiple Payment Gateways beside Cash on Delivery so that the customer can make most of UPI payment or Card payment method for their purchase. Our App enables secure online payment for buyers.

Insights of
ADMIN Features

Product Listing

With an efficient product listing management system, admin can exclude errors like uploading poor quality images, misleading product specification, and wrong description. We practice improved control on assets, vendor information, purchasing and much more.

Advanced Report & Statistics

Devise future plans and strategies for business growth based on useful data. Get insights into the overall performance and carry out a wide-ranging product-specific demand assessment.

Advanced Order Management System

Manage the inflow of orders systematically with eBusiness Solution. Streamline workflow with the most effective order management system.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Right from UPI Payment, Credit/Debit Card payment, to Cash on delivery. eBusiness Solution ensures full convenience to the customer with easy and secure payment gateways.

Insights of

Inventory Management

Experience well-formulated inventory management with our Online eBusiness Software. Where Vendor/Seller can monitor stocked goods regularly with correct inventory forecasts

Banner Ads Promotion

Well-crafted promotional strategies like offers/discount advertisements for the range of products listed ensure long-term business escalation. Our eBusiness Solution comes with many such options for business growth and scalability.

Rating & Review System

Ratings and reviews enable you to know about the customers’ experience. The dynamic content also helps you stay high in search engine results

Tax Management

Worry not about tax management for diverse product categories. Our in-built tax management feature will help in categorizing taxes effectually. All you need to do is insert the tax percentage for the valuation.

Insights of


Delivery boys can effortlessly update profiles by adding their personal details and photo, and feed bank account details.

Email, Text & Push Notifications

Our eBusiness Solution is integrated with the email, text & push notification feature, which helps the delivery boy find, filter, track, proceed, terminate deliveries, and withdraw orders.

Manage Order

eBusiness Solution lets delivery boys effortlessly manage order delivery status, navigate to seller/buyer location, and lot more with this integral eCommerce Solution.


eBusiness Solution supports easy route navigation for the delivery partner. Make speediest deliveries and achieve all orders in no time. Easy navigation will ease faster deliveries and encourage a great user experience.


The delivery boy can manage virtual credits & all payments with our Payment management feature. An instant online payment link can be generated from the app and sent to the customer at the time of delivery for the safety of both, the delivery boy as well as the customer.

Convenience of Operating

The delivery unit is empowered to operate as per their daily schedule and convenience.

Insights of

Easy User Login

Customers/ buyers can sidestep the tiresome task of filling all details manually. Registering via email id and mobile number will accelerate the process and lead to gaining more customers on your virtual store.

Order Management

With just a few clicks, users can navigate through multiple orders. View order history whenever customers wish to and can manage all orders with uttermost convenience.

Progressive Mobile App

Progressive Mobile App compliance to advance and enhance the user experience, visitor engagement, and boost up conversion rates. It also empowers users to keep on browsing with slow internet speed and seamlessly enjoy user-friendliness of UI & UX.

Payment Management

Buyers/customers can easily make payment for their purchase by adding credit/debit card details to initiate payments. Additionally, buyers can also avail UPI payment method or Cash on Delivery. Take it easy with the Payment management feature for all your purchase-related transactions.

Easy Checkout Process

It is of the essence to create a remarkable shopping experience for consumers. We help achieve this by offering a simple, easy and a quick checkout process on your eCommerce platform.

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