Conference Management Module is the quick fix to automate conference attendance monitoring; it is also helpful for tracking workshops, exhibitions, training sessions and seminars. It provides 360° solutions for conference tracking right from Registration of the Delegates to seamlessly Scanning and Printing of batches with our user-friendly and wittily designed automated solutions. Moreover, the app concentratedly serves reliability, proficiency, efficiency, and fluency that exceed the prophesied performance. This conference solution can untangle all the management hassles and relieve you from the burden and stress of registration and make it virtually effortless for conveners and attendees.


Our various features in the app are the perfect blend of innovation and management operates with ease which is suitable for all industry sectors.

Managing Delegates

The user-friendly app seamlessly operates and manages delegate’s details.


The app renders Pre-registration, On-site registration and Post-registration for delegates attending the conferences or workshops.

Scanning & Printing

QR App enables Online And Offline QR code scanning and printing seamlessly

Data Management

QR app allows you managing, enlisting and sorting of the DATA and resources.

What makes us different?

  • Mobility or Handy solution for all the process performing for the conferences
  • No possibility for DATA ‘getting scraped
  • Avoiding Duplicacy of the DATA duplicacy
  • Scanning and printing of forms and batches even in the absence of Internet
  • DATA is securely saved on server to retreat whenever required and cannot be scrapped.
  • Validating massage is been shoot to registered numbers of delegates

Top Features and Benefits

  • Attendee registration form (Pre-registration, On-site registration Post-registration)
  • Novel QR code technique to Manage Data, Registrations, Logistics of Delegates
  • Enlisting and classifying of the Data and Resources
  • Badge, certificate, and transcript editing and printing
  • Detailed analytics
  • Pre-determined session tracking of the conference
  • Automatic validation and calculation of entries
  • Suitable for all industry type
  • Notification via SMS to any attendees, presenters, exhibitors, or staff
  • Electronically deliverable certificates - via E-Mail