Gone are the days when Doctors use to tackle the chaos in a waiting room managing patients. Well, that’s sorted now with innovative technologies that revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

The tailor-made software solution allowing a smooth flow in the operations hence replacing the manual work with ease and comfort for Health Care operators.

The Clinic/Hospital online scheduling solution helps Doctors block the right dates for the patients therefore avoiding clashes and simplify the process. This in turn helps in improving the functioning of the doctor’s consultation process and hospital’s activities. This innovative invention is for fuelling and enriching the performance for doctors, clinics and hospitals. The Appointment management solution enhances the services for the betterment of the patients. It helps in handling, managing and scheduling of the patient’s appointments and follow-ups with great ease, also allows doctors and hospitals to add their bills, consultation charges, prescriptions and other documents without any fuss. Basically, this is an internet-based system that overcomes the issue of booking, scheduling and managing appointments as per the patient’s choice or requirements. The core purpose of the app is to manage the details of patient, appointment, follow-ups, and generate bill. This system can also enable customer to upload their lab results such as x-ray copies, health history which can be viewed by patient referred doctors. It can also maintain a list of doctors, available appointment time, book appointment, cancel appointment, view appointment history. This app provides the searching facilities based on various factors like Patient, Doctors, Tests, and Treatments.

Doctor appointment app has some specific built-in functionalities to meet the users’ expectations. Let’s reveal what they are:


The list of features of the online appointment management solution

Online Appointment Booking

This doctor’s appointment app manages all appointments booked by patients for doctors, clinic, hospitals and it features bedrock online booking capabilities that are intuitive and always work right the first time. It has appointment status features and a fully-functioning calendar.

A Simplified Scheduling Solution

Streamline time availability at hospitals, patient bookings, set working hours, opening days, & holidays, Incorporate documents and much more with online scheduling solution.

Admin Panel for Mobile App

An online clinic appointment system includes an admin panel for doctor and patient profile management. It includes a notification module as well to notify doctors and patients regarding any changes made in the profile or assigning profile of anyone on the network.

Doctor Profile

A doctor module that is specifically for profile creation and revision. Data available of the doctor's speciality, their location, their photos, reviews by patients, and what they charge for an appointment under different treatment and procedures.

Real-time Analytics

Admin can have real-time analytics to track new appointments booked, new patients, existing patients, etc. through graphs.

Doctor Listings with Search

We have incorporated detailed doctor listings and search feature. You can customize your search and narrow down the possibilities within a few touches on the screen if you need to find a specialist or assistant doctors specifically.

Patient Profiles

In the patient profile, patients can include their essential personal information so that doctors can familiarize themselves with a case history if they are about to see the patient for the first time. Document uploading capabilities would undoubtedly come in handy.

Reminders & Notifications

Appointment scheduling software also has fully-functioning appointment in-app reminders and notification so that no appointment will ever be missed.

ePrescriptions Feature

Appointment Scheduling Software Solution has a way for a doctor to prescribe a needed medicine along with receipts directly in the app. Then the patient will be able to order the prescriptions from a local pharmacy, online pharmacy platform or whatever they choose.

eBilling & Multiple Payment Gateways

There is a handy billing functionality for admin and doctor to generate a bill and secure payment gateway for the user to pay for scheduled consultations directly through the app. This ideally also includes card scanning capabilities.

Quick Information Processing

Manage all of your patients’ information reliably, quickly set-up recurring appointments, accept online payments, and analyse the data to find useful business insights.


Expert doctors can put up their well-curated answers for the frequent questions asked by patients to resolve their uncertainties regarding consultation and treatments at your hospital.

Few Benefits of The Clinic/Hospital Management App

Cost-Cutting Factor with Doctor-on-Demand Modules for Your Business

Cost-cutting is the very first thing that you may well think of when you consider the ways that a doctor’s appointment scheduling and booking app can help both medical organizations and patients. Also, the doctor appointment scheduling app allows clinics and hospitals to save when they have an online appointment scheduling system in place. One can better manage consultations this way. One can keep a close eye on appointment cancellations so that doctors will have a better chance of seeing and consulting one of their other patients if someone backs out of an appointment at the last moment. So, this kind of appointment management app can shrink doctor’s workload and avoid unused time slots that are truly cost-saving.

This App also helps in evading a lot of manual work, errors and salary payoff if the booking is made by employees or physical staff. Thus, the employee time might be spent more effectively on various other tasks when appointment scheduling is automated.

Furthermore, 35% of appointments that were booked through online platforms were scheduled when the office was closed, at a time when there would have been no one there to accept a phone call.

Patients and Doctors can be Both Benefited from this Time-Saving Factor

This leads app to the time-saving factor, another consideration with the doctor appointment scheduling app. When there is an innovative solution in form of app that handles the logistics, it saves maximum time for the patient because they can easily and quickly schedule medical appointments online. The doctor need not require to be involved with the scheduling process of online appointment, and their other staff or receptionists don't need to work the phones. System synchronized automatically with patients and doctor’s calendar, send reminders on upcoming visits and can also send in-app notification in case of any appointment cancellation takes place, hence, that time slot will be available for other patients to book that time slot immediately.

Therefore, the app reduces the no-show rates as patients are informed regarding upcoming consultation and follow-ups in advance and save much of doctors’ time. With the help of notification of recently cancelled visits, it again decreases the rate of the unused doctor working time while the patients who need consultation urgently can get it faster.

Improved Patient Care and Satisfaction with Services

Patients feel more confident about the utmost care they are receiving when the most innovative med-tech solutions are made available on their smartphones. Using a doctor appointment booking and scheduling system, clinic and hospitals can decrease the cost of other medical services and make them convenient and more enhanced for patients. Patients will have more options in picking the best suitable time for them to visit for a consultation and follow-up that is highly important for satisfaction with treatments and services, especially for this new young generation.

Brand Reputation,
Trust and Loyalty

It should also be understood that a hospital or doctor's office is a brand that is worthy of trust, just like other entity. The existence of a doctor appointment scheduling app is the best approach for patients to feel more secure when they seek medical care frequently from the same medical entity. If they can always go through the app and it never malfunctions, it will make them feel more at ease with the doctor or hospital of their preference.

The Hospital Management System helps even the busiest hospital/doctor’s schedule run more efficiently by digitizing and automating every task. Appointment Management, Consultation, Multi-Location is some major key benefits of appointment scheduling software solution.

We have all you need and more!

Check these modules and description of the appointment management software solution

  • Update Profile - Generating unique Username & Password/Profile Setup with all the Essential Details
  • Change Password – Can Change/Reset/Update your Unique Password Whenever Required
  • Dashboard - To Track Appointments and Patients Activities
  • Manage Doctors/Asst Doctors (Add/Update/Edit/Delete/Listing of Doctors’ Profile)
  • Manage Patient (Add/Update/Edit/Delete Patients’ Profile)
  • Manage Appointments: (Add/Update/Edit/Delete/Confirm/Decline/Schedule)
  • Doctor Schedule: (Add/Update/Edit/Delete/Schedule)
  • Payment (Generate/Manage/View Invoices/Bills)
  • Notifications for Appointment - Request/Confirm/Reject/Cancel/Schedule/Payment/Feedback
  • Feedback – View Appointment Feedbacks

This Clinic/Hospital
Management System

Enables Seamless Appointment Management for Doctors and Help Patient
Connect Super Specialist in the Most Convenient and the Easiest Way.

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